We develop accounting and business automation systems

System that you need but faster and cheaper

We design accounting and automation systems based on JITCore – our own platform for rapid development. This helps to save effectively your money and time.

Set of options that may be adapted and complemented

JITCore has basic set of options for sales automation and business management. Basing on it, we will develop a system that totally meets your processes.

Already implemented:

Reasons to develop your system with us

1. We have experience in developing complex accounting systems.

We have created our own product based on JITCore – JITMeal accounting system for coffee shops, restaurants and food delivery services.

You may see how it is arranged using demo access.

2. Our experience and ready-made tools allow to effectively save your money and time.

You don’t need to pay for development from scratch, you may save more than half of cost and introduce the system to your business just in a month.

3. You may gradually update and develop your system.

From our experience we know that it is better to start with basic options and update them in the process basing on operating experience. Together we will define minimal set of functions that allow to launch the system into operation as soon as possible.

4. We will help to provide uninterrupted system’s operation, avoid data loss and heavy bills for hosting platforms.

JITCore standard features

Main application with web interface

Already implemented: access inside corporate network or through internet, flexible rights management, customer accounting and orders processing, financial accounting, inventory accounting and procurements, operative schedule and payroll accounting.


Already implemented: orders processing, upload of information about orders to production department, receipts printing. Runs on tablet, available on Android and iOS.

App for executors

Already implemented: sending orders information to executors, possibility to see sequencing, change statuses, use navigation. For example, if order status in the app changes, it is changed automatically in web-version.

Clients feedback system

Already implemented: questionnaire with five types of questions, printing of QR-code with questionnaire on receipt, report on customer experience.

Besides that

How we work?

1. Collect information.

Usually we compose technical specification together with the client. To do this, we should learn about your business: its key processes and inter-process communication. If it is necessary, we may stay at your office or production department for some days to understand how it works from the inside.

2. Define minimal set of system’s functions.

We pick out functions that solve business’s priority problems and those that are crucial for system’s functioning. We implement and introduce them first of all to base on practice on next stages of development.

3. Create development plan and define stages.

We decompose the closest stages to tasks and describe them in details, while the rest remain as titles. During the process, view to system composition may change notably, so, there is no sense to plan everything in detail in long-term.

4. Help to create technical infrastructure.

We choose technical platforms and equipment for system’s allocation, think how to provide performance, fault tolerance and safety of its functioning depending on the tasks. We choose options most suitable and convenient for your business.

5. After launching, we pass to maintenance and technical development.

During the process of working with the system it becomes clear which of its parts should be updated, what to add or eliminate. We discuss every single compound, plan upgrades and divide them into stages.


We define how much time will be spent for planned tasks and count the total cost on account of the number of business hours. Total cost will depend on number of changes that need to be introduced into the existing basis – JITCore.

In average, accounting system development may cost from $5 000 to $25 000.

To get the approximate cost of your project, please contact the Head of UBRAINIANS: you may discuss the idea, formulate the task and vision of the result. Just write to our chat or use the feedback form below and we will schedule convenient time for a call.

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