Court Around—finding tennis courts nearby and scheduling games

The app helps to find the best club nearby with playing options, services, and facilities. It gives the opportunity to choose a convenient time and to book the court.

Court Around—finding tennis courts nearby and scheduling games

Before tennis competitions, players need to warm up and practice, but usually, there aren’t enough courts available directly at the competition venue. Additionally, for casual play, it's essential to choose and reserve a court based on personal preferences.

Court Around allows users to find courts using a variety of filters such as type (college, school, hotel, sports club, etc.), surface type, membership requirements, dress code, availability of a coach, and many others.

How It Works

Login and registration are fairly standard:

The home screen of the application serves as a catalog of available courts. Searching and browsing courts closely resemble the process on the web version:

Detailed information about each court is accessible:

Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of this project was displaying court layouts with indications of their occupancy and the ability to make reservations:

Technical Details

The client approached us with a functioning web version of the service (with an admin panel and API). Our task was to develop Android and iOS applications and publish them.

Technology stack: Flutter