We develop mobile apps

High-quality work and trusting relationships with clients are our core values

Together with our clients, we go all the way from an idea to a final product. Since 2014, we have successfully implemented dozens of projects. And we still develop and support some of them.

JITMeal – restaurant
automation system

JITMeal helps to effectively manage any business: cafe, restaurant, food delivery service.

We have designed and developed the entire system: the backend application with database and API, main web application, POS-terminal, mobile app for delivery persons, print server, web application for reviews collection, web application for checks fiscalization using the software cash registers, product website and website for developers.

Technology stack: .NET C# SQL Flutter HTML CSS JavaScript Angular

GM Click & Collect – purchases from vending machines with a smartphone

The app allows to choose needed goods, find the closest machine where all the items are available, book them, pay for the purchase and receive it just showing a QR-code to the machine.

We have been working on the project together with client’s technical team that had developed the backend application with database and API by itself. Design was also provided by the client.

Technology stack: Flutter

Court Around –
finding tennis courts nearby and scheduling games

The app helps to find the best club nearby with playing options, services, and facilities. It gives the opportunity to choose a convenient time and to reserve the court.

We have developed the mobile app. Design and API was provided by the client.

Technology stack: Flutter

Salykmaster –
mobile bookkeeper

Efficient, safe, and easy-to-use way to file a tax return for Kazakhstan entrepreneurs.

We have developed the backend application with database and API, web application for bookkeepers, and mobile app for entrepreneurs.

Technology stack: .NET C# SQL HTML CSS JavaScript Angular Kotlin

Scientific research
results inventory

A tool for research teams for sample inventory and internal communication.

As part of the client's technical team, we took part in the system design and the server application with database and API and mobile app development.

Technology stack: .NET C# SQL Flutter

Our open-source projects are used by developers from all over the world

We contribute to open-source by supporting and developing our projects: the Platformus CMS content management system, Magicalizer full-featured REST API rapid development template engine, and ExtCore framework modular applications development framework. It helps us to save time and money developing projects for our clients.

The optimal combination of modern technologies for rapid development

We use Flutter to develop one app for both Android and iOS at once to save clients time and money. For the backend (API and admin panels) we use .NET with our own typical solutions to get things done faster.


We start with prototypes of all the application screens, technical specifications, and accurate estimate

First, we sign a preliminary contract for development of the prototypes and technical specifications. This is the most important stage that gives a complete picture of what we want to get in the end, how long it will take, and how much it will cost.


Development is divided into stages and at the end of each stage we demonstrate the result

After design is started, we start development planning. We break down the project into the stages, detail the first two of them. We group tasks so that intermediate results can be demonstrated every two to three weeks and further steps can be adjusted if necessary.


When the app is ready, we help with publishing and launching

We help clients to understand all the intricacies of registering Apple and Google developer accounts, prepare the necessary materials, and select all the technical platforms. We publish apps ourselves.


We support and develop products we create

We usually continue to participate in the project throughout its entire life cycle, so cooperation with many clients lasts for years.

We will prepare a rough estimate of your project after a brief discussion

Usually a conversation takes about half an hour and takes place online or in our office. We will get to know each other, discuss the project, ask each other questions. After that, we will prepare and send a rough estimate of the cost and terms. Please contact us to make an appointment in advance. We work from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 19:00 (GMT+3).

Vira Moshko
Project manager

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