Little Bean

Pregnancy-safe ingredient checker for beauty products and cosmetics.

Little Bean

Some cosmetic ingredients can be harmful to a child during pregnancy. The Little Bean app detects such ingredients and provides detailed information about each.

How It Works

The user photographs the list of ingredients, and the app checks and highlights those that require attention, indicating their level of danger:

A photo can also be uploaded from the gallery.

After scanning, the user can view the list of harmful ingredients found in the product. Detailed descriptions are available for each ingredient:

The scanning process is quick, taking just a few seconds, making the app convenient to use right in the store.

Technical Details

Our client already had a popular iOS app and approached us to develop an Android version. Additionally, she wanted to add new features, improve speed, and create an admin panel for content management and statistics. Together, we planned everything, prepared an updated design, and developed a new app for Android and iOS.

The most challenging and responsible part of the project was the algorithm for finding harmful ingredients in photos. We used the Google ML Kit library for text recognition. Since photos taken quickly in stores of cosmetic products often have poor quality (rounded packaging negatively affecting sharpness around the edges of the frame), we had to make efforts to develop an optimal error correction mechanism. This mechanism needed to minimize the passage of harmful ingredients while rarely misclassifying safe ingredients as harmful. Additionally, it had to work quickly, even on outdated devices.

Technology stack: .NET C# SQL Flutter