Yavdoma: housing without intermediaries

The Yavdoma app was developed to prevent intermediaries in the real estate rental process, whether you’re renting or looking to rent out your property.

Yavdoma: housing without intermediaries

Landlords provide detailed information about apartments, and tenants search for suitable options using a variety of filters.

How It Works

At the outset, the user can choose their role – whether they are a landlord or a tenant. For security, the user’s phone number serves as the login identifier, confirmed with a one-time password upon entering the application:


After a straightforward registration and onboarding, landlords can create their first listing:

Listings are detailed and go through a 4-step creation process:

  1. In the first step, general information is filled in: price, number of rooms, area, etc.
  2. The second step focuses on location-related details: address, distance to metro stations. The building is also selected on the map.
  3. The third step includes information about the building: construction year, wall material (affecting sound insulation), entrance details, parking availability.
  4. The final step provides a detailed description of the interior and allows the addition of photos.

Once all information is added, landlords can review the listing and publish it.


After registration, tenants access the home screen, displaying a city map with highlighted buildings offering apartments. If preferred, tenants can also view apartments in a list format:

A detailed filter is available for tenants during their search:

Tenants can view information about the properties that interest them:

If necessary, the contact details of the landlord can be viewed.

Technical Details

Together with the client and their design team, we developed the product from idea to publication. The product includes applications for Android and iOS, as well as an admin panel for content management and user support.

The most challenging part of the project was working with the map, as it required displaying buildings as three-dimensional objects, highlighting them, and searching by address, etc. We utilized Mapbox for mapping and Google Geocoding API for address search due to its higher accuracy compared to Mapbox’s equivalent mechanism.

Technology stack: .NET C# SQL Flutter