Flutter and .NET Are the Only Technologies We Use


Typically, a mobile application goes hand in hand with a server-side counterpart. This server-side application is responsible for data storage, performing calculations, managing user access, and more, with communication facilitated through APIs—a specialized program interface.

Our unwavering focus on these two technologies not only enriches our expertise but also guarantees the delivery of high-quality products.

Flutter makes Android and iOS apps development faster and cheaper

Developed by Google, it stands out as a modern and open-source toolkit. In comparison to its older competitors, such as React Native, it boasts nearly no shortcomings. Flutter-forged apps seamlessly mimic their native counterparts, matching them in terms of performance and energy efficiency.


We consider .NET as the best framework for developing server-side applications

.NET is the open source and free framework. Microsoft has transferred its rights to this software to the .NET Foundation non-profit organization to guarantee this. The framework is being actively developed, it has a huge developer community, large number of the ready-to-use third-party components which increases development speed.

The applications written on .NET work almost everywhere: on Linux, Mac, Windows, and in clouds (for example, AWS or Azure). It helps to optimize costs by starting from a cheaper hosting plan and upgrading it only when your product gets popular.