Studentocity—a platform for student collaboration on university campuses

An app that is available exclusively to students in order to request any type of task completed by other students—from laundry or food delivery to a drive from the airport.

Studentocity—a platform for student collaboration on university campuses

Students on campuses often seek to earn a little extra by delivering food, groceries, helping with household chores, tutoring, and more. Studentocity is a convenient platform that connects service seekers and service providers for such small tasks.

How It Works

The application has a simple registration process requiring an email within the .edu domain (as the app is exclusively for students):

After registration and onboarding, users, acting as service seekers, land on the home screen of the application:

Here they can create a new task:

For each task, users specify a description, reward amount, their location on the campus, and a deadline (by default, it is set to “as soon as possible”, but users can select a specific day and time).

Next, the service seeker waits for a service provider.

To become a service provider, users can switch their roles in the main menu. Service providers can view posted tasks and claim them:

During the task execution, there might be situations where the initial conditions need to be discussed and changed. For example, the specified burgers cost not $19.90 but $22.90. To facilitate this, a chat and a mechanism for changing conditions are provided:

Both parties must confirm the new conditions, and once confirmed, the task details are updated.

After the successful completion of the task, the amount pre-authorized on the customer’s card by the payment system is finally charged, and after deducting the service fee, it is transferred to the service provider. Parties can exchange reviews.

Technical Details

Our team designed and developed the application from scratch, starting from interface prototypes to publishing on the Apple and Google stores. In addition to the applications, we created a simple and user-friendly admin panel for content management, task category settings, user support, etc. The payment system used in this project is Stripe.

Technology stack: .NET C# SQL Flutter