GM Click & Collect—purchases from vending machines with a smartphone

The app enables you to select the items you require, locate the nearest machine stocked with all your chosen products, make a booking, complete the purchase, and simply pick up your items by presenting a barcode to the machine.

GM Click & Collect—purchases from vending machines with a smartphone

We developed this application for a Spanish vending machine manufacturer specializing in the sale of cigarettes, medications, and more. However, its relevance increased significantly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as fewer people wanted to touch buttons or screens in public places.

With the application, physical interaction with the vending machine can be minimized. The process of selecting and purchasing items takes place on the user’s smartphone, and the machine dispenses the paid goods upon recognizing the corresponding barcode.

How It Works

Login and registration are usual:

Initially, a user selects the items of interest and views detailed information about them:

Next, the user adds the selected items to the shopping cart:

Once all necessary items are added, the user can place an order. Since the product range and availability may vary in different machines, GM Click & Collect saves time by displaying on a map the nearby machines with the required items:

After placing the order, the user approaches the selected vending machine, generates a barcode in the application, shows it to the machine, and receives the purchased items:

Technical Details

Our task was to develop the application for Android and iOS. We collaborated with the client’s technical team, which independently developed the server application with a database and API. The design was also provided by the client.

Technology stack: Flutter