Salykmaster Organizer

Automation tool for outsourcing accounting companies and their clients.

Salykmaster Organizer

Outsourcing accounting firms are in constant communication with their clients, providing reminders, answering questions, exchanging documents, and more. Salykmaster Organizer standardizes and formalizes this process to prevent information from getting lost in phone calls, messengers, and emails.

Clients have their application, and accountants have theirs.

How It Works

Client Application

The client application is straightforward, requiring no registration, as clients and their users are added by the accounting company. There is only a login:

The home screen displays current and closed requests:

Users can also create a new request:

Since accountants often require specific information from clients to process most inquiries, they can configure mandatory and optional documents based on the types of requests that clients must attach. This minimizes the volume of necessary communication and optimizes the overall process.

If questions arise during the request processing, they can be addressed in the contextual chat:

Accountant Application

The accountant application is much more functional, essentially being a complete organizational system for the accounting company with various levels of access. In addition to direct interaction with clients, it also allows working with internal team tasks.

Various tools are available for working with requests, such as a Kanban board:



And this is how the application processing looks like:

Technical Details

We fully developed the product from idea to publication. Together with the client and the accounting team, we conceptualized the product, created prototypes and technical specifications, and designed the product based on them. The product consists of two applications (for accountants and clients), an admin panel, and a website. Each application is adapted for three platforms: Android, iOS, and web.

Technology stack: .NET C# SQL Flutter HTML CSS JavaScript