Apple App Store and Google Play Market Application Publication Checklist

We have created this checklist based on our own experience in publishing dozens of applications. It helps us and our clients smoothly and systematically prepare for publication.

It’s best to start early, even before you begin developing the app. Some things will be required during the project’s implementation, not just for placing applications on the Apple App Store and Google Play Market.

For example, if you’re making an iOS app, you’ll need an Apple developer account to test it using Test Flight. You’ll also need a Firebase account if you want notifications or social media login features. If the developer uses their own test accounts, it can take extra time to transfer everything to the client’s account, ranging from a few hours to several days.

All accounts must be registered by the client. The client should invite developers to their accounts so they can perform their respective tasks, but all login credentials and access information should be securely retained by the client.

Preparation for Publication

☑️ DUNS number (if the Apple or Google developer account is registered to a legal entity).

☑️ Apple developer account (comparison of account types and procedure).

☑️ Google developer account. Registration link: Cost: $25 (one-time payment).

☑️ Google Cloud Platform account (if you use Google services, like Google Maps). Registration link:

☑️ Firebase account (for sending notifications, analytics, login using Apple, Google etc.). Registration link:

☑️ Social network accounts (if a social network login is in use).

☑️ Email address for sending system emails (e.g., password recovery: [email protected]).

☑️ SMS gateway account (if SMS authorization is in use). Registering the sender’s name can take 1–1.5 months.

☑️ Domain name.

☑️ Hosting.

☑️ Payment gateway (if the application accepts payments outside of the stores, e.g., Stripe:

☑️ Bank account for in-app purchases (e.g., subscriptions within the app).

Additional Materials

☑️ App icon: 1024 × 1024.

☑️ Promotional image: 1024 × 500 (or video).

☑️ Link to the privacy policy.

☑️ Link to the end-user license agreement.

☑️ Link to the page with the ability to initiate the deletion of user data without installing the application (for Google Play).

☑️ Contact information: full name, phone number, email.

☑️ Test account for moderators and a description of how the app works (in English).

☑️ Screenshots or promotional images (requirements for screenshots).


In all languages the application supports:

☑️ App name (up to 30 characters).

☑️ Short description (up to 70 characters).

☑️ Full description (up to 4000 characters).

☑️ Information about what’s included in the first version.